Yesterday, went to 1Utama with my Jie. Since she want buy a shirt for her boyfriend, she bring me for the shopping as well…
I managed to grab 2 pairs of pants (1 Jeans & 1 Khakis) from Giordano.
A lot people weird why my jie is Chinese… hehe When people asked, I just told them that same father different mother XD
Actually she is not my real sister… She is one of my senior who care about me XD

Went to the Jusco & saw a promotion… Seaweed from Korea only Rm9.80 per packet!
This is Korea Sushi… Weird shape right? XD

1: Nanuri Gim Mat Korean Seaweed.
2: Japanese Rice

1: Put Gim Mat on the steamed Japanese Rice.
2: Mix it.

3: Enjoy it. You can make it into the ping pong ball shape!