Since my GF like to eat soup, I try to cook something new not only for myself but also for her. Since I’m too free after my exam & I have nothing to do, I plan to cook something that make myself full. So, me & my GF went to Giant @ Nilai to buy some ingredient. This is…Chicken Wan Tan Soup…


1) 20 – 30pcs of Wan Tan Skin…

2) Half can Chop of Mushroom Button.

3) Chop Parsley.

4) 500gm of Minced Chicken.

5) 4nos of Chop Garlic & 1 Nos of Big Onion.

6) Corn Flour.

7) 1 Nos of chicken egg.


1) Mix chop mushroom & chop parsley.

2) Saute Chop oni0n, garlic, mushroom & parsley.

3) Take out and put in the bowl. Mix it with the minced chicken.

4) Add egg & stir it.

5) Add corn flour and stir it.

6) Put it on the wan tan skin. Don’t put too much because it will make you dificullt to make it into the shape.

7) Make it to wan tan shape.

8) Boil the chicken soup and add the wan tan chicken into the soup.

9) Add some vegetable & sausage into the soup and boil it.

Finally…This is the chicken wan tan soup looks like…