This is my favorite all of the time if I went to Chinese stall @ Nilai. Normally “Wong Kok” is the place where I and a few of my friends went to have our late drinks & dessert. Other then BarLI Fu Chuk, I always have “Momo Cha Cha (Yam)” and “Fan Shu Shui” I learn how to cook this dessert from my ex housemates @ Nilai, Chooi Yee. It’s very easy to prepare it.


1) Half packet of barley seeds.

2) Sugar or Rock Sugar (depends on sweetness)

3) A desirable amount of beancurd skins (fu chok)

1) Soak beancurd skins in warm water and boil the water with the sugar in a round pot. Stir well.

2) Then, pour the barley seeds into boiling water and boil in a low-medium heat. The barley will absorb the sweetness in the soup.

3) Add in beancurd skin into pot and bring to boil.

You can serve hot or cold. Normally I will keep it in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. The taste better after you put in the refrigerator.

*I have done it twice when my GF stay @ my house. Since she like it, I cook for her another barli fu chuk XD