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Have Problem on How to Capture Nice Photos for Performances, Concert, and even Actions on Stage? Have Problem on Using External Flash?
If you have such problems, DON’T WORRY! Creative Visual Studio will find solutions for you. We are going to organize Photo talk (Teh Tarik session) this THURSDAY for FREE! It is the time you will learn the fundamentals and technical of capturing perfect photos!

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Yes, this is the time. You should not have missed this! It is the once in a million golden chances that you should grab! Remember, opportunity doesn’t go knock on your door, better go grab it!
29th December 2011
Creative Visual Studio
No 15c, Jln Kenari 22, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Malaysia.
What will be cover in this Photo Talk (Teh Tarik session)?
* Perfect settings on your camera and external flash
* Kinds of best photos
* Minor editing on photos
* DO’s and DON’T’s when Photo Shooting
Warning! This is a once in a million chance inviting TWO EXPERIENCED Photographers expertise in this field! Often cover for MOST local/international events/ concerts.
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Attention! This session is limited for ONLY 20 people. First 5 callers who are CONFIRM ATTENDING are given a FREE membership which worth of RM150. Please book your seats NOW!
Please contact Felix Ferdinand (016-6814956) or
email to NOW!