Last Sunday, Clinique Star Tour went to Pavilion to make all Malaysian girls pretty. Still remember the Sunway Pyramid one? Nope? HERE! After short discussion with Jason, we had a coclusion where… Girls + Money = Fashion & Guys + Money = Gadget.

Guys will proud to tell everyone that they have a pretty girls and girls will proud to tell everyone that they have a cool guys with the huge camera.

So, can see the conclusion? Muahahahhaha

This is the 2nd day where the truck and booth set up at Pavilion. Bunch of blogger went there to get their make over. Thanks to Vivian, Waiyan, Jason & Hitomi who came early morning… Sunday some more XP

This is how my date looks like before make over!
Want see their picture after make over? Read More…

Since we need to wait our turn, all of us went to Starbuck to grab some drinks. I still prefer my mocha compare than Waiyan (low fat) drinks XP

I don’t know what it is, but I believe it’s kind of magic which is one of the Clinique product that they use to make girls more lenglui ~ la la la

Since it’s dizzily in the morning, most of the customer went to the booth to register their self.

During the make over!

So many people wei ~ woot woot

Even dizzily, all the girls will face the obstacle to be pretty… For me, I prefer sleep at home XD Damn nice weather!

Vivian after make over *nose bleed*

#1 With my cute friend XD

#2 With Vivian & Hitomi after make over + Vivian sister.

#3 After grab our KFC at Pavilion, came again for the sake of camwhor LOL