Last week, I attended Clinique Happy Day 2010 at Hospital KL.
One of the reason why I like work with Clinique team because their event always beyond imagination haha .. sound so dramatic… LOL .. ok la.. work with a lot of cute girls leh XP

I has been given another opportunity to join the party .. yeah .. *1 of the reason do not do the blog post when u do not enough sleep*

errr .. ok .. back to the topic …

Clinique Happy Day chronicles anually on the 2nd Friday of December. It is originating from it’s headquarters in New York and foraying into it’s a time where all Clinique employees worldwide including the highest rankings of the Brand Management team are stationed on the selling floor, alongside the lab-coated Clinique Consultants lending them a helping hand in retail transaction and spreading festive cheers to citizens alike.

Why Hospital KL?
It is Christmas and what else will be better other than party? Haha no la.. Since it is Christmas, Clinique want to add Christmas cheers and warmth to underprivileged and health-challenged children.

It was a day of making everyone feel special and temporary troubled-free – The children in forgetting their illness and the parents in letting go their worries. Clinique believes by giving, it strengthens a receiver’s soul and self esteem, which is much need for one to recharge continue on the flight.

If Clinique without beauty product? That will be something wrong ^^

Not only the children, parents and even nurse can get free make over.
Cool huh?

Clown performance. She can do magic as well XP

Children given an opportunity to play with sand paint. I give myself try for 1st time in my life.

Fake tattoo anyone?

Free balloon to give away.
Let me tell you 1 secret. I HATE Balloon. Actually I scare haha

Glad that we manage to add some Christmas cheers!

We also have Barney and the clown who went to every ward to entertain the kids and also take some shot using Polaroid camera for the kids to keep it.

Thanks to other sponsor as well such as KFC and ToyRUs.

Which one cute?
Haha can I choose the left one XP

Thanks Clinique!