What is Chika Pow Wow?
It’s a new bidding site which is totally innovative and reliable auction website offering new products at bargain prices. Thanks to Chika Pow Wow because they provide an alternative shopping experience to users. Since a lot of people prefer to stay in front of computer and a lot of people want cheap stuff, this is your chance! Customer can get a lot of awesome products at unbelievable price.
Chances to win?
This is one of the main concerns that usually people think of it. Guess what? Chika Pow Wow would love to give other people opportunity to win and it gonna be a fair playing ground on this site because they will actually limit amount of bids for big tech items (e.g., 100 bids total for a particular item). Not only that, to make it fun enough, they will be having avatars and some hot items. Each of you will have an opportunity to receive a mystery gift. In a simple terms are. “You win one, you get the other one free”.


The prices are great! It’s really super cheap and all are hottest stuff from tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and many other interesting goodies up for grabs!
Another features of this bidding buying site are, they offer a products that are not available in Malaysia such as Monster headphones from USA (there will be 4 units available)
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