Do you know that some people call me kiasu? Maybe because grow up in Singapore and sometime kiasu is important in order to win. So, now I gonna teach you how you can buy stuff with the low price!

As usual last night I was surfing around facebook and some people blog. Guess what? I found this interesting website known as Cheapskate. Yes! It is a local website.

The question is what it is?
Actually, it’s a group buying website. That means, another website that offer you an access to great deals at the most exclusive places to eat, exercise, shop, and relax. Think 50-90% off top spas, swanky restaurants, and boutiques.

Now, I would like to tell you something…

Cheapskate is about a team of entrepreneurs who breathe, live, dream and get excited, very excited, by the concept of collective buying power.

The good news is… will be launching on the 22nd of April.

Not only that! They are currently hosting a competition for the most number of referrals. They’ve got RM5000 in cash to give away to members who bring in the most number of referrals.

All you need to do is:

1) Visit
2) Key in your email address.

3) Visit CheapSkate Facebook page and click “LIKE” for the latest update.

4) Check your email and you will receive confirmation email from Cheapskate start share with your friend. Please check your junk inbox as well if you are using hotmail.

Register today to ensure that details of the deals are sent to you once they launch. Watch this space!

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