In support of the fight against HIV, Tazette is organizing an auction to help raise funds for the Pink Triangle (PT) Foundation.
The theme of the auction will be “Dating 101: Don’t jump straight in! Get to know your partner-to-be first!”
Proceedings of this auction will be donated to PT foundation.
What will we be auctioning?
A chance to go on a lunch date with one of our beautiful girls or hot hunks up for auction!
This auction is open to all current university students!
So come drop by LT 1 on Thursday,21st of October, 10:30am till 1pm!
Here is a good news!
Any of you especially girls who are interested to help out in charity, drop us a message at
SamanthaChen28@hotmail.com or contact 0129412924 for more info. For me, nothing is come for free. Not only you can get Taylor’s University lunch fine dinning, you get some cash too. Just drop us a message and we will brief you for more info.