Cerita FF is an online life journal of Feeqsays & Fatinbellaaa.

Earlier, I created #CeritaFF hashtag just for both of us so that easy for me to track. Tiba-tiba, ramai yang suruh kongsikan cerita kiteorang dalam blog. Since we don’t want to mix our life story with our personal blog, we created a new blog focusing on our life journey, CeritaFF.com
Cerita in bahasa is a Story and FF stand for Feeqsays & Fatin
About us:
Cerita FF is a life journal of Firdaus Feeq a.k.a. Feeqsays and Fatin Bella a.k.a. Reen/Aten.
This journal is created by Feeqsays, a Malaysian photographer and video producer. Supported by his other half, Fatin Bella – a Malaysia lifestyle blogger, both of them share the same interest in social media and they want to bring out the positive vibes among others.
Guest writer
We welcome anyone to contribute to our blog. If you would like to be considered as a guest writer on our blog, please submit your article or story to feeq_2009@hotmail.com. We prefer articles and stories that contain helpful and interesting content in the field of early marriage, tips, love and parenting. If you are presenting something as a “fact” , please provide the appropriate references and links for verification.
You will, of course, be given full credit for the article with your name and if you’d like, your website or blog linked. You retain full copyrights of your work, we retain the right to post your article.
Get in touch with us
Whether it is just to say hello or an opportunity for us to work together, I’d love to hear from you!
For media/advertising enquiry, event coverage, food reviews etc please email me directly for further information. Kindly contact me for more info.
Email: feeq_2009@hotmail.com