Last Saturday, Advertlets, ESPN Star Sports and Castrol organized a futsal outing for Castrol Football Crazy Futsal session at Sports Planet, Subang Jaya.

Why they call it the Castrol Football Crazy?
Their genre is: Sports, Entertainment: Dedicated to find the ball in screwball, the fan in the fanatical and the ‘idiots’, ‘sins’ and ‘crazy’ in idiosyncrasy. They are meant to be crazy enough to make it funny, crazy and idiotic.

What is the funny things happened (according to Jason)?

Azrin (Group B) : He got a yellow card for calling Adam C a “referee kayu” 😀 . During the half time.
Ewin (Group A) : HE got a RED card for not scoring a simple goal.
Bryan (Group C) : He got a RED card for kicking the ball at Michelle’s face.
Jason (Group A) : I saved the ball from an attempt from group B and they got awarded a penalty. What? And so many more cards given without any fouls. lol.

So, how it goes?

Each team played 2 games each and then to the FINALS 2 team. They also were divided into 3 groups (A B C) for the Castrol Football Crazy Futsal tournament. Each groups 5 person. The day started off with blogger registration and Adam C & JD were already there to train/warm up.

Where is the place they go crazy?
Located at Sports Planet, Subang Jaya (along Monash University)

Elvina with the Castol product.

Castrol Edge 5W-40
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Warm up session with JD.

Thank you Advertlets, ESPN Star Sports and Castrol for organized such a great and crazy event. Thanks to the pretty girls who came and make the event more…. better 😉

Who is the winner?
If you want to know which team won the futsal tournament or behind the scenes of what happened? The video of Advertlets team in action for Castrol Football Crazy Futsal session with be aired on the 3rd and 10th February on my blog/advertlets fb page/Castrol Football Crazy Facebook Page. So make sure you check the video out.

So, when is the last time you kick the ball?

Catch Castrol Football Crazy, every Thursday 8pm(HKT), only on ESPN, Channel 812.
For more info, you can also check out Castrol Football Crazy Facebook Page by clicking the link below and click “LIKE”!