I still remember that my mom always told me where I always like to play with the risk. Since my current camera body (Canon 500D) is dying, I need a replacement. To get a proper camera body, it is really hurt… hurt my wallet. So, in this 4month time, you will see that I will be crazy and busy XP

At first, I plan to buy Canon 7D. Since that is the only camera body where I able to buy. Yes, it is just around 4.3k. After I met and discuss with some of my friend, I decided to buy 5D Mark2 since I wanted to step into the next level of photography. Of course the main reason is because 5D Mark2 is full frame camera.

Say hi to my new baby.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Of course I have a lot of difficulty to buy it. After I went through my saving account, I still do not have enough budget to buy. I believe that this is a good investment for me and I manage to get extra income. Thanks to those who help and support me. You know who you are.

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