I believe some of you might know that I just got myself a new baby, HERE!
So, since my new baby is Full Frame, I need a proper lens. The only choice I have is 50mm f1.8 since it is cheaper. I bought the new one since my previous one is dead.

Some people might not know that Canon 24-105mm f4L is a kit lens for 5D Mark II where the price for the new one can easily go up to 3.8k. Yes! You can get 60D with that amount of money.

Another reason why I do not want to wait 5D Mark III is because my current camera body is dying. Yes, I am using my 500D to shoot event, portrait and even wedding. Since that is my baby that I use to gain some income, I do not want play with risks.

The question is, why Canon 24-105mm f4L?
Some people might buy the 5D Mark II body and go for Canon 17-40mm f4L or Canon 16-35mm f2.8L.

Some people might be saying that it is f4 and 24mm is not wide enough. The 1st thing that you might want to remember is, you will be attaching this lens with full frame camera body. Means that, it will look wider when you attach this lens to the full frame camera body compare to attaching to the crop body. 2nd is, what type of shooting that you always do and the important thing is which one can earn you some $. Of course if you have a lot of budget, I do not suggest Canon 24-105mm f4L.

For me, I am more into clubbing shooting, wedding shooting and event where I earn profit from it. So, most of my shots such as group photo do not require low aperture. f4 is enough for me and since I attach this lens on my full frame body, it is a little bit wider.

Of course when you ask me what will be my next lens, I will go for EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM & EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM.

So now, the question is…

Are you ready to jump to Full Frame camera?

P/S: All photos is belongs to Justin. I lazy to take photo of my lens.