Today quite tired for me (really meh???) because my class start at 8am…so i wake up early (actually my housemate wake up me)

Went to Account class at 8.10 am till 10 am and continue Hospitality Law class 10 am till 12 pm (when the class stop early when the real time is 10 am-1 pm)

Straight went to library and wait for 2 lenglui for group presentation discussion + assignment.
Discussion start at 12.30 noon till 2pm. Then i continue my Law Assignment 2 pm till 5 pm and 5 pm till 7.40 pm group discussion + assignment for account subject.
8pm only having my dinner at canteen (wan tan mee)
What i can describe about Nilai University College Library are big, clod, 1 of the good place for pak tao (dating), little bit noisy and good for those who wanna bring their own pillow…so u can have some zzz
Thinking for continue my study till Bachelor then Master…but got Master for Business in Hospitality meh? never hear liao =.=”

Then go back house play dota (1st game i kill 25 liao @.@) with my housemate, edit some picture, surf & blogging…cheers…^^