Having brunch with my local friends accompanied by such a lovely black sand beach view. The black sand  beach is not that everywhere  black color sand. Just some of the area only do have black sand.

When talk about Langkawi, most of the people know that Langkawi is the jewel of Kedah. There are so many small island around Langkawi and not to mention there have beautiful beach around Langkawi too.

Photos taken with HTC One M9 Plus without any editing except watermark.

I promised to myself that I will cover all the beach in Langkawi within my one month trip. I’m supposed to talk about Chenang beach because the most famous beach in Langkawi is Chenang beach. Since I haven’t explore the entire Chenang beach, I will share with you about one of the unique beach that available in Langkawi known as Black Sand Beach.

In Bahasa, Black Beach Sand known as Pantai Pasir Hitam. It’s only 2km away from Pantai Tanjung Rhu Beach. Since I’m staying in Kuah, it’s quite far (19km). Basically, Black Beach Sand is more for tourist attraction since it’s not suitable for swimming. Well, there still have some old jetty along the beach that suitable for photography purposes.

You can come to the beach by a taxi or rented car. Never forget to drop by Shark Bay (Teluk Yu) because it is just nearby. So, you can cover two beach at the same trip.

There have mythological says why does the sand is black colour.

A popular mythological legend says that Garuda, a giant eagle picked up the Princess of China to seek some favors. However her fiancé, a Roman prince lodged a war against Garuda to get the princess released. It is said that the beach reflects the remains of the fierce war and therefore looks black.

Another mythological says; the result of a curse laid by some mermaid who was angry at some fisherman for stealing her ring.

If you are looking for the food stall and shop, it’s better if you come before sunset because it’s close by sunset. So, do not worry because they do have food stall around known as “medan selera”.

You can access the beach anytime and there’s no entry fee since it’s a public beach. So, the best way to enter the beach is from their “entrance”.

If you use a google map, please come to the “medan selera” instead of their official “Pantai Pasir Hitam” mark because there’s no a proper way to go down to the beach.

Just to take note that if you have limited time to go around, you can skip Black Beach Sand.

More photo of Black Beach Sand