“The toughest part of getting to the top of the ladder, is getting through the crowd at the bottom. Life is not what you live but what you love!”

I just got back from Big Bad Wolf Books Warehouse Sale at The Mines. If you think you missed it, do not worry, the last day of sales is on 23 Dec 2012 🙂 More info, HERE!

Basically, what I can say is that the convention hall was kinda huge and took me more than 1 hour to walk from one end to another. Yipppeee I manage to cover the entire hall…unfortunately, not much selection of books thats tempting.

“One of the reasons you might be missing the books you want: by the end of Mission 63, over 100 thousand books were mis-placed! Our Team worked hard overnight to get them back in place for the Sale, today, but please, citizens: if you don’t want a book, put it back where you found it. Not on the floor or in a nearby toilet (phew!) Your cooperation helps ALL of us make sure that everybody gets their books!” – Big Bad Wolf Books

Total of damage is RM68!

Will share some of the tips for those who plan to drop by the warehouse sale 🙂
They do have labels but actually it not helping at all. Most of the genres are
mashed up together.

#1 Please bring your own carry bag. For those who do not bring their own bag, you can use these boxes. If you have iKea plastic bag, it’s much easier.
#2 For those who are lazy to walk around, please see the floor plan before you enter the hall.
#3 Do not put your box on the table. Other people wont be able to see the selection of books on the table.
#4 The best parking spot is near the lift and at least capture the parking lot no.
#5 If you are bringing babies, make sure you have a baby carrier. It’s better than a stroller
#6 List books that you want unless you want end up by picking random books.
#7 Use OCBC credit card for extra 5% discount
#8 Check out the hidden gems just before the exit.
#9 They serve coffee right after you passed through the cashiers.
#10 calculate your purchases before heading to the cashiers and separate them according their price. #11 Check your receipt before leaving in case there are mistakes.

That’s all for now. If you think my tips are good, share. If no, let me know ya 🙂
P/S: Need more tips? Let me know.