After we had our Lunch at Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop & Cendul at Jongker Dessert 88 Cafe, we continue our journey to walk around Jongker Walk.

On our way, my eyes catch some interesting and colorful bottle…

We pass this shop.

Suddenly Zoe stop to another shop and there also have the colorful bottle. It’s looks better because it’s just located in front of creative souvenir shop.
So, we give a try.

Actually it’s is a mocktail 9 celcius but they wrote cocktail which is there have 3 flavor and we all choose 2 flavor only.
1: Apple + Guava
2: Apple + Peach
3: Apple + Passion

They also have cocktail which is known as T2 and only have 5% alcohol.
hmmm…. I don’t think so, because after Kingston drink 2 bottle, he like siao d XDXDXD

From Left…Kingston, MJ, Eiko, Steph, Vivienne, Zoe, Me & Christine.