Thanks to Belanga for the invitation to Blogger Minum Petang Sensation 2010.

It is the new and energetic combination of authentic home-styled Malay bites and fine coffee that will make purists to rub their hands in glee!

For those who do not, I had awesome experience with Belanga previously where their outlet synonym with Kelantan and Indonesia food. When ever you drop by their outlet, please do not forget to have their Nasi Tumpang and Avocado milk shake.

Some of the food that highlighted during the food gathering are “Anak Dara Dua Sebilik, Satar, Pulut Panggang, Sardine Rollen, Samosa, Tahi Itik, Kueh Akok, Keropok Lekor and Royal Murtabak”

20 selected blogger has been invited to attend the food gathering where all of us able to try their food. The food that serve to us still same with what I had previously but the choices a little it lesser.

The food is not really as good as what I had previously where most of the food that they serve us is fried and a little bit oily.

The food that highlighted on that day:
Anak Dara Dua Sebilik: Actually it is an interesting translating of 2 virgins in a room. I do not have chance to try it.

Satar: Normally I had a Satar at pasar ramadhan or pasar malam, The normal Satar that I had is they sell per stick which is normally have 3 small Satar. For those who do not know, this Kelantan popular food is made from boneless fish marinated and it is a little bit spicy. Wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over a flaming hot charcoal make the Satar smell nicer.

Pulut Panggang: Just a normal sticky rice that wrapped with the banana leaf and filled up some floss and spices. The special about Belanga pulut panggang is they use fish floss instead beef floss.

Sardine Rollen: Not much to talk about it as well since it is a bit oily for me.

Samosa: The samosa that normally came in triangle shaped stuffed pastry with savory potato filling.

Tahi Itik: If you want translate it, it’s sound like duck shit. Visit Belanga and try it!



Some of the blogger who attend and I forgot to take photo of blogger who sit at my table.
The blogger who dine at my table are Rebecca, Azrin, Victoria, Samuel, Edwin, Marky, Thong Kai and Anna.

Belanga Cafe @ Empire Shopping Gallery
2nd floor.
Tel: +603 – 5631 2780