This is some of the behind of the scenes what happen last Sunday in my studio. Bunch of hot girls came into my studio for a photoshoot. I really love and proud to see young and talented people who really know what they want in their life and work hard on it.
All of them are really great. The make up artist also really good.
Good job Isabella Tan. You have artistic eye as a photographer. Keep it up.

For those who interested to know more about my studio, check out:


Creative Visual Studio is all about photography, cinematography and studio. We have a professional photography studio, run by a group of dedicated, passionate photographers that does photography shoots on any occasion. Tell us what you want and we will work out something for you.

We appreciate every moment because it is your precious memories. Established on the 1st of August 2011 by 2 photography enthusiasts, Creative Visual Studio expands their services in the photography studio line.

We cover anything that is related with photography and cinematography. Photography services provided by Creative Visual Studio are as such:

Photography and Videography services:
– Portraiture
– Commercial
– Weddings (Pre-Wedding, Actual Day, Post wedding, Engagements. etc)
– Events
– Fashion
– Families portrait
– Babies
– Product / Food
Other services:
– Studio rental.
– Photo printing service (up to A3 size only).
– Make up & Hair make over.
– Calibration. (Computer and printer)

Contact Feeq for more information:
+60127344714 | 0166664034 | 0390820440

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Creative Visual Studio:
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Why you should join us?
Just look at our props and studio layout that we offer…
Furnished with air-conditioners and comfortable furniture to create a cozy environment, the studio is also available to be rented. Prices are reasonable and competitive.
– 2 x 400W Studio light set.
– 2 x 300W Studio light set.
– 2 x 40″ umbrella diffuser.
– 1 x Octabox (40cm x 140cm)
– 3 x Wireless trigger/Receiver set
– 2 x Standard softbox (60cm x 90cm).
– 1 x Colour gel set + Snoot + Honey comb
– 2 x Strip softbox (40cm x 140cm) with grid.
– 2 x Giant Background Reflector (180cm x 112cm)
– 1 x Colour gel set + Reflector bowl + Honey comb
– 1 x Softbox for external flash (40cm x 40cm).
– 1 x Industrial fan.
– 1 x Tripod.
– 1 x White color backdrop (10″x20″).
– 1 x Library backdrop for graduation (10″ x 20″).
Price (member):
– RM100 (Max 3 x photographer + 2 hours)
– RM300 (Max 6 x photographer + 3 hours)
– RM500 (Max 9 x photographer + 4 hours)
*Additional 1 photographer = RM50
*Additional 1 hour = RM50
Price (non member):
– RM150 (Max 3 x photographer + 2 hours)
– RM350 (Max 6 x photographer + 3 hours)
– RM550 (Max 9 x photographer + 4 hours)
*Additional 1 photographer = RM80
*Additional 1 hour = RM80
*The charges stated above includes all the props stated above
**Additional RM50 may apply for weekend
***The studio price a little bit expensive? Give us a call. We will give you a good deal
****Ask us about the contract in order to receive a good deal.
Interested to be a member?
– RM150 per year.
– Discounted for studio rent.
– Discounted for monthly activity.
Size of the studio:

– 7500 mm x 12010 mm
– 24.6″ x 39.4″
General facilities:
– Workshop room.
– Refrigerator.
– Make up area
– Chilling spot.
– Changing room.
– Fully air conditioned.
– Kids photoshoot theme.

In future, we would have a mini-photography-workshop. The main motive about this mini-photography-workshop is about the result. Same goes like normal classes but we would prefer to have small number of student so that they can learn more and our speaker can spend more time on every single students.
Additional services:
– Printing.
– Photography consulting.
– Digital retouching.
– Calibration for computer and printer. (We are using SPYDER 3 STUDIO SR)
Extra equipment’s for rental :
– Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark 2, Canon EOS 550D
– Lenses: Canon 16-35L f2.8, Canon 24-105L f4, Canon 85mm f1.8, Canon 50mm f1.8.
*only for studio use.
*subject based on availability.
This is our changing room. For muslim, do not worry. You guys can pray in our studio too.
We still in the process of upgrade our sink to look better and for those who come to our studio, feel free to make our studio like your own house. Refreshment are provided.