I still remember when Indonesia travel magazine came and approach me for the paid advertorial photoshooting whole Java Island, Indonesia. I’m glad that I choose to accept the job and it’s not an easy task for me since the whole trip took a lot of my time. Imagine travel the entire Java Indonesia in 16 days alone and the most important is to capture good photo for their magazine based on the assignment.
One of the locations that I have to go is Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih in Bandung. I decided to drive down to Bandung from Jakarta instead of taking direct flight.

The whole journey took me almost 3 hour (from Jakarta to Bandung Tea Plantation). You’ll travel from Bogor to Bandung, and on the way you can stop off for a walk through the plantations and at the same time check out the small village around. If you lucky enough, you’ll see the hills dotted with women hard at work picking tea leaves, which the men then process into a drinkable substance.

More photos below:
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 My buddy a.k.a. driver/tour guide etc
 Group photo with other Indonesia photographer.