1st Syawal 2018

Today is the 1st day of Syawal. It’s been almost 3 weeks since you came to our life. I know that I don’t really spend a lot of time with you ever since you came to this world. In fact, it seems like I don’t bother. Trust me, it’s really painful for me to leave u alone at night with ur mom. But, I need to do whatever I need to do. One day u will understand

Today, I’m going to tell you something that what your grandparent told me when I was a kid.

White Studio Rental by WS Studio Rental™ – Why us?!

White Studio Rental. Cheapest in Malaysia. We open 24/7 and our rental as low as RM50/hour including equipment. Our studio located in PJ and Cheras.Our objectives are to help young photographers and filmmakers to grow their businesses and talents. Our business principles are not only about profit making but we believe in helping other people and we embedded it in our business principle.

We offer the affordable and most complete studio for rental as low as RM50/hour, including studio equipment without extra charges.We also offer photography & video production based on client request.

Why WS Studio Rental (White Studio Rental)?
1) Cheapest :
Our studio rental is the cheapest in Malaysia. From as low as RM50/hour and no minimum hour of rental.
2) Location :
We are based in Kelana Jaya & Cheras Selatan. Strategic places for everyone.
3) 24 Hours :
We open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our night rental rate is cheaper.
4) Equipment :
Our studio rental inclusive space, equipment and studio assistant. 

Founded in 2012, WS Studio Rental™ offers 24 hours and most affordable studio rental with complete lighting equipment, large space and cozy set-up for your needs. Our philosophy is to provide the most affordable studio rental and to give each client a unique and memorable studio experience.


Contact : 0166664034 (WhatsApp is available) | ask@WhiteStudio.myCheras Studio : B-28-2, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Waze : C180 Cheras

PJ Studio : A-3-2, Blok A, Pusat Komersial Parklane, No.21, Jalan SS7/26, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor
Waze : Parklane Commercial Hub
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Kenapa The Venue Shah Alam? One stop wedding solution

Tengah mencari dewan perkahwinan? Nak harga berbaloi, tempat mewah, makanan sedap dan service yang awesome? Kenapa tak pilih The Venue Shah Alam?

Last week I ada datang ke Grand Open Day The Venue Shah Alam. Open day pasal apa? Pasal nak introduce apa yang mereka offer la. Long story short, Tempat ni memang awesome. Nasib baik dah kawen, kalau tak, memang dah pilih kawen kat sini.

Cantik kan? Nampak mewah gila tapi sebenarnya affordable!

Percaya tak, seawal 11 pagi dah ada family yang datang ke sini untuk tahu lebih lanjut pasal The Venue Shah Alam ni. Pada hari tersebut, telah diadakan mock wedding dimana sesiapa yang datang dapat merasai serba sedikit apa yang akan berlaku pada hari wedding mereka nanti. Selain itu, ada juga aktiviti menarik yang disediakan di The Venue Shah Alam.

Mengenai The Venue Shah Alam : The Venue Shah Alam beroperasi pada awal tahun ni. The Venue Shah Alam berlokasi di Seksyen 15 Shah Alam. The Venue Shah Alam merupakan bangunan 3 tingkat yang luas untuk meraikan majlis bahagia korang. The Venue Shah Alam menyediakan pakej perkahwinan termasuk makanan dan dewan pada harga serendah RM18,800 je!

The Venue Shah Alam, No 15, Jalan 15/22, Tiong Nam Industrial Park, Seksyen 15, Shah Alam, Malaysia

Facebook | Instagram

Waze : The Venue Shah Alam
Contact no : 019-858 5825

Kad kahwin terbaik dan cantik dari !

Selain daripada mock wedding, terdapat jugak fashion show untuk menunjukkan koleksi baju pengantin yang ada di The Venue Shah Alam.

8 Sebab kenapa kena pilih The Venue Shah Alam?

  • Hiasan dalaman dewan yang mewah dan cantik
  • Dewan berhawa dingin
  • Berkonsepkan Grand Ballroom Hotel
  • Dilengkapi dengan kemudahan lain seperti surau, bilik VIP dan kawasan lobi yang selesa
  • Ruang parkir yang luas
  • Lokasi strategik dan mudah untuk dicari
  • Boleh juga dijadikan event space : Corporate dinner, Launching event, Aqiqah, Open House dan etc
  • Menawarkan pakej lengkap perkahwinan di dewan eksklusif di Shah Alam dan pakej termasuk Katering, Pelamin Eksklusif, Busana Baru, Make Up, Photographer, Videographer, Bilik Hotel, Sound System, Photobooth, Kompang Live dan lain-lain mengikut pakej yang dipilih.
  • How to book White Studio Malaysia 2017

    How to Book White Studio Project?
    Since people keep asking how to rent my studio, so we decided to come out with step-by-step detail. Basically it’s pretty simple.

    P/S: We will improve our studio equipment and services from time to time.

    White Studio Malaysia offer affordable and most complete studio for rental as low as RM50/hour including studio equipment without extra charges. We also offer photography & video production based on client request.
    Suitable for :
    – Photo & Video production
    – Dance & Theatre Practice
    – Make-up & Zumba classes
    – Event launch & Training classes.
    Contact :
    0166664034 (WhatsApp is available)
    Petaling Jaya : A-3-2, Blok A, Pusat Komersial Parklane, No.21, Jalan SS7/26, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor
    Waze : White Studio Malaysia PJ / Parklane Commercial Hub Kelana Jaya

    Cheras : No B-28-2, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor
    Waze : White Studio Malaysia / C180 Cheras

    Malaysia Cosplay Photoshoot at White Studio Malaysia

    Looking for a place to do your Cosplay Photoshoot? Why not visit We open 24 hours and our rate as low as RM50/hour.
    Contact: 0166664034 (WhatsApp is available) |
    Petaling Jaya (Waze : Parklane Commercial Hub Kelana Jaya) :
    A-3-2, Blok 1, Pusat Komersial Parklane, No.21, Jalan SS7/26, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor 
    Cheras (Waze : C180 Cheras) :
    No B-28-2, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor

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    KFC Zinger Double Down – Made for the Bold

    KFC Malaysia is back with the much loved and much anticipated Zinger Double Down. This extraordinary bun-less burger concept promises the ultimate one-of-a-kind eating experience that all burger and fried chicken fans would die for.
    This ‘All Meat. No Bun’ burger concept is ‘Made for the Bold’, as the campaign tagline proclaims. Forget a conventional burger bun, the Zinger Double Down is an original creation by KFC that transforms the way to enjoy burger. Substituting the bun is the favourite Hot & Spicy Zinger fillets sandwiching a slice of cheddar cheese and crispy chicken strips drizzled with KFC’s signature Cheezy Mayo sauce. It is no lightweight meal and makes for a substantial, lavish and satisfying eat.
    KFC Zinger Double Down made its Malaysian debut back in 2012 and created a widespread buzz with its breakthrough concept, leaving fans wanting more. Senior Vice President of KFC Malaysia, Ling Mee Jiuan said, “Our fans have spoken and we have brought the legendary Zinger Double Down back on the double! This is a true KFC signature product that we are extremely proud of and we are glad to bring it back again for our customers to enjoy.”
    “The Zinger Double Down takes the burger experience up another level. With two Hot & Spicy Zinger fillets and cheese in between, there just isn’t any room for buns in the burger. It is a real treat for serious fans of our Finger Lickin’ Good chicken. You wouldn’t want to miss it,” she added.
    The KFC Zinger Double Down is available a la carte starting from only RM10.90. Customers can also enjoy a fully satisfying meal with the Zinger Double Down combo that comes with KFC Crispier Fries and a carbonated drink.
    Available for a limited time only across KFC restaurants nationwide from 13 July 2017 while stocks last. It is ‘All Meat. No Bun. Made for the Bold’! For more information, please visit

    Ayamas Roasters Promotion – Every 15th & 30th of the month

    Customers can now enjoy great savings on Ayamas whole roasters every 15th and 30th of the month priced at RM19.00 and RM16.90 (per bird) respectively (normal price RM23.50).
    With the tagline “LEBIH JIMAT”, the roasters are sold at RM16.90 on the 30th and RM19.00 on the 15th of every month. Customers can choose from the existing range of succulent whole roasters namely the Golden Roaster – marinated with honey, for that authentic Ayamas roaster flavor, Pepper Roaster – specially developed for all those black pepper lovers, and the Percik Roaster – infused with a unique aromatic coconut and lemon grass flavor.
    This incredible ongoing promotion will give Ayamas Roaster’s fans the chance to indulge in their favourite roast chicken as often as they would like without tearing their pocket. Launched since last year, these offers have received encouraging response from customers.
    The advertising and promotion for Ayamas 15th and 30th Offer includes in store marketing materials, neighbourhood leaflet drop and online/social media for a wider reach to customers.
    In addition, customers can call Ayamas delivery service at 1-300-88-2323 with minimum purchase of RM15.00 and RM3.20 for delivery charges.* Customers can call and order from 10 am – 9 pm everyday with 25 Minutes delivery time guaranteed, or you’ll receive a Cash Voucher of RM5! For more details about Kedai Ayamas, visit or logon to Kedai Ayamas – Ayamas Roasters Facebook Page.