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Coolblog ‘Tea Taste Beverages and Dessert – Tea Blog’ food review

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

City Square Johor Bahru

What time?
10am Sharp!

Some info regarding Coolblog:
First launched in Singapore in 2005, Coolblog is an international business license specializing tea tasted dessert and beverages.

Coolblog aims to marry the natural taste of tea leaf with natural fruit taste in take-away kiosk concept. We are the first to break new ground in Singapore and Malaysia food scene by introducing Tea tasted beverages with 25 different flavours.

Coolblog will sell ‘Tea Taste Beverages and Dessert – Tea Blog’ as our primary product in addition to dessert such as Smoothies Blog, Ice
Blended Blog, Italian Soda Blog, Yoghurt Blog, Milk Shake Blog, Coffee
Blog, Chocolate Blog, Oreo Blog, etc.

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