Hi guys, it’s been quite some time. Sorry for not updating my blog because I’ve been really busy traveling around for Creative Visual Studio shooting,  From now on, I will try my best to update my blog.
Recently I felt that Malaysia is not a safe place to stay in anymore. Not to mention that my friend and I  got robbed outside Paradigm Mall few days before Hari Raya. Lucky that I know some Muay Thai skill and I managed to protect myself and my friend. To be honest, that is one of the main reason why I went to gym & attend a self defense classes. I want to protect myself and people around me/people that I love. Sorry to say but I never trust police to handle this situation.
Usually when I go to gym, I meet different kinds of people. So, I would like to share some of my thoughts about The Bad Gym Guy. Basically, The Bad Gym Guy is someone who talks loudly on his cell phone, like to cut line, drops weight and the worst part is they think the gym is their own place/house etc.
So, I would like to share 9 basic rules of politeness. 
1) Put it back.
– It is the simple and basic rule of using gym tools such as dumbbells,  yoga mat etc. Usually I will spend 2 hours for day workout & 2 hours for night workout. Since I do not have a lot of time, I need to maximize my time. But sometimes I need to play treasure hunt in order for me to find the gym tools. Please be think about the others, we do not want waste our time finding the gym tools.
2) Clean as you go
– I’m a person who’s particular with hygiene. My previous gym that I went to, they only provide me 1 towel. I’m lucky enough to join a new fitness center where they provide me with 2 towels. Usually I will bring a sanitizer and spray the gym equipment and wipe it before I use, especially when I do weightlifting. Trust me, no one wants to touch someone else’s sweat. Guys, please wipe the equipment with disinfectant. If you’re really lazy, just use the towel provided by your gym. You can use a towel to cover the equipment as you lie on it or use it, especially benches.
3) Stop hogging
– Everyone is paying the same fees as you. Some people like to put their towel on the treadmill to “book” the place. If you are not using the equipment, please move aside & give chance to others. So, be fair!

4) Music Only To Your Ears
– Please bring your own earphone if you want to listen to songs. Not everyone has the same taste as you. You do not want to disturb them with your songs.

5) It’s Not a Leamaze Class
– Everyone have different ways of counting. People do not need to know how many reps you are doing by counting out loud or how heavy your weights are by all that heaving and grunting.

6) Go Workout or Go Home

It’s good to be friendly but people usually go to gym to get a perfect body, not to chit chat.
7) Checking out the chicks
– Do not ogle the females. They do not like that and you do not want to get that. If you must must, take a quick glance using the mirror.

8) Limit yourself
– Usually I will spend 20-30 minutes per session on cardio machine. Some people are spend up to an hour or more than that. Some people even use the weightlifting machine for more than 30 minutes. Exceeding the time would not allow others to use the equipment too. If there is no one waiting or the gym is on low use, then fire away, but otherwise give other people chance to use.
9) Weight dropping
– For me when I’m in the gym, it’s all about me, my mind & my strength. So, please put the equipment such as weights down gently, and do not drop them as it will cause undue alarm to the elderly and other gym users, it may throw them off guard and cause injury as they are working on the treadmill or the cross trainer.

So guys, please think about others & enjoy your workout 🙂