Take note this is not an advertorial and all shot taken with HTC Butterfly 2
I still remember back then when I was in University and send my cloth to laundry can be very costly. Well, if you are staying in Segi University Kota Damansara or Cova Square Kota Damansara, you should pay this laundry a visit.

This is my first time that I came across such a beautiful self-service laundry and not only that, they do serve coffee. Usually to wash your cloth will take 1-2 hour and if you lazy to go back to your hostel or your house, you can just bring your laptop doing some work and at the same time get some coffee.

The interior was really nice and I believe it’s comfortable enough for you to do your work while waiting for your laundry to get done.

Self-service laundry is 24 hours, but for the coffee only open from 10am-8pm daily.

Somehow, it’s slightly expensive compare to other self-service laundry, but to have a proper place to sit and let me do my work, I don’t mind to spend extra few bucks just to get my laundry done.