This blog post might be a little late… But it’s Anthony Neely, and Puma.
And this is the hot Taiwanese-American singer, Anthony Neely (sometimes better known as 倪安東 if you know Chinese). Singing one of his hit songs on stage, wearing full Puma attire I suspect.
As you might have known, he came for Puma Social Finale Party held at The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza, on June 14th 2012.

Puma prepared some social games to entertain the crowd before the show, or as they called it, the party.
There’s even a photo booth!
The opening act by local violinist, Dennis Lau, with his very fancy violin.
Apparently he was performing Moves Like Jagger on his violin! That would explain the 2 Elecoldxhot members dancing at the back.
The emcees of the night: Phoebe Yap, Julie Woon and Jeff Chin.
This is Aric Ho (何志健), a Malaysian Chinese singer.
He sang a few songs AND danced, in that jacket, in this Malaysian weather.
Here comes my second favourite part of the ~party, the fashion show showcasing Puma’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection.
That’s my favourite male model. 😀
These models catwalked, ran and danced through the runway!
When Elecoldxhot performed the crowd went high! Their dance moves were really impressive. They also helped modelled a few pieces during the fashion show.
And here comes the main highlight of the show, Anthony Neely!
The crowd went absolutely crazy!
I don’t remember what they were talking about, I was busy looking at him, like everyone else.
And he’s wearing a jacket too, in this hot Malaysian weather. Well at least he didn’t dance.
OMG he’s cute! Thank you Puma, for getting Anthony Neely here!
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So, if you actually read the whole post and thought, “This guy sounds like a girl! Maybe he’s gay”. I’m sorry to disappoint, but this is not Feeq. This is his friend, Fiona Chan, here helping the poor fella out, as he has no knowledge (nor any interest) in Anthony Neely and the others. I know, I’m such a good friend.