Right after we reach Awana (Last Day in Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa.. Heading to Awana Genting Highlands), all of the bloggers went to the jungle. Guess what? We were not staying in the hotel. We were informed that we were gonna sleep in the jungle 😉
Thanks Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort for the warm welcome and great hospitality. Right after the group photo, I was really excited to experience our next challenge. According to my friend, it is gonna be challenging. Oh well.. I love it!
This is our Awana Genting instructor, Mr Najib that briefed us about our next challenging activity. He is quite good and he kept reminding us that his name is same as our prime minister.
Right after that, Zul takes over and briefs us about our activity for two days in Awana Genting Highlands. He is really friendly and he is gonna get married next year. Hmmm… can see his ring on his finger too =) ~ Congrats Zul!
Time to leave our comfort zone! We headed to the jungle… walking! Lucky we did not need to carry our luggage because Awana Genting are so generous. They brought our luggage to our room.
For those who do not know, Awana Genting also offers SHRDC. It is a Awana Domino Race Knowledge Team Building Programme – Learning on the Run. The interesting part of this activity is that it is a special training that conducted at Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort where it is sanctuary located at 3,000 feet above sea level. More info, HERE!
So, if you want something different where it is environmentally friendly, this is a good choice.
Rates for Eco Sports Activities are also really affordable. As low as RM25 per adult, you can enjoy a lot of activity such as Nature Trek, Indoor Abseiling, Indoor Rock Climbing, Outdoor Abseiling, Outdoor Flying Fox. More info, HERE!
Nature Trek RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Indoor Abseiling RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Indoor Rock Climbing RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Outdoor Abseiling RM30 per adult; RM20 per child
Outdoor Flying Fox RM25 per adult; RM15 per child
Some of the benefits of abseiling to children are enhancing eye-hand coordination (the sport practices the technique of hand movement precision and visual observation at the same time), development of observation and social skills (proper abseiling training and orientation, combined with keen observation, is the key to a successful and memorable abseiling experience) and confidence building (participants learn to trust in the knowledge that they have been taught and trust skills they have acquired from such learning).
After 30 minutes of walking, we finally reached the abseiling location. For those who do not know, abseiling meaning is to rope down. This sports is an individual sport and it is all about mountaineering to descend a steep slope or vertical drop by a rope secured from above and coiled around one’s body or through karabiners attached to one’s body in order to control the speed of descent. Cool right?
As usual, is all about safety. All of us had a briefing before we went to have our abseiling activity.
This is my first time that I play abseiling and what can I say is… it is really great! Love it!
Did I told you that you do not need to worry about the safety? They not only have a physical support but also moral support haha 😉 This is the main objective of this team building. To support each other and it is all about team work. Glad that I saw all of bloggers help each other even though some of them make them feel more nervous.. but is all about fun right?
If you ask me why abseiling is fun for all ages? It is simple. It is because the abseiling is fairly physically easy and extremely mentally challenging. Haha cool right? For me, my own opinion is among other adventure sports, abseiling is the only one… captures a wider age bracket as compared to climbing, canyoning, mountaineering or white river rafting.
I play white water rafting before and this abseiling quite fun too. Check out some of familiar faces had fun during the abseiling activity!
Woot woot.. they are really having fun! I never bluff you guys right?
So, if you ever to drop by Genting, please drop by at Awana. Since most of people straight went up to Genting. Actually in Awana there are a lot of interesting activities that you can do especially if you love adventure activity.
Haha.. Andi exhausted right after the abseiling activity!
They offer us to do the second round of abseiling. This time all of them walked facing down! Cool!
Some of them even can walk together and chat lulz.
It is actually quite high so for those who think it is not as far as they thought, I suggest you guys experience by yourself.
Scenery of Awana Genting.
Last but not least… Thanks Awana for awesome experience!
That’s tonight gonna be a good night..
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