(Dorani Homestay Sabak Bernam Sungai Besar – Sunway)

It was Day 4 already for My Selangor Story. Guess what? I went back to Sunway! I am not went back home but that is the next place that all the blogger having fun. That is the day where I really can concentrate back to all my job as a students. Since My Selangor Story really try their best to satisfied a lot people, so today is the free activity for all the bloggers.

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Today all the blogger leave Dorani Homestay Sabak Bernam and off to Sunway.
Yes! Sunway that’s mean nearby my house XP

I really love Kampung environment as long I stay there only for few hours and not for the whole day ^^

Since I do not have enough time to go any place for me to snap some sunset and sunrise shot, this is the only one I had T.T

I think I start miss my “Kampung” life. I still remember that, one of my mother friend who work at Singapore magazine as editor told me that everytime when she need an idea to write a good article, she will travel to somewhere where she can breath a fresh air such as waterfall, jungle or village.

To be honest, eventhough I do not like kampung life but, spending a day in Sabak Bernam was really short for me. There have a lot of thing that I would like to share but I would like let the picture do talking. Since everything is really memorable for me, I would not easily forget it.

I believe that Alid really happy compare with other blogger since I saw him have fun chat with all the foster parent. Since all of them is “jawa” and Alid can speak really well, why not? XD

If you are looking for something different for a holiday, honeymoon or even want release your stress, maybe you should try their hospitality service.

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Encik Abdul Rahman Daud
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*heart* all my My Selangor Story family!

On the way back to Sunway, I manage to record some cute sleepy fellow bloggers…
hmmm Should I upload the video that I record? XD


After few hours inside the bus, finally… Sunway!
I had been to Sunway Pyramid most of everyday since I had my gym session at Celebrity Fitness Sunway Pyramid. Guess what? I only went to Sunway Lagoon once a year. So, I really really look forward for the fun day at Sunway Lagoon.

For those who do not know, Sunway City Berhad is an official integrated resort. Actually, all the blogger supposed to stay at Sunway Resort & Spa but it is changes. Not only that, upon arrival there have some minor “lack of hospitality skills” where the bus was stopped half way at the lobby and all blogger had to dumped their bags outside the door. Just some advice how they can improve their service, please polish the intangible product before sell to public. Services can be a good sales since it is an experience product that let people experience and at the same time people will talk about your service to other people either it is good or not. So, the word of recommendation have their own strength. ~ Just small advice from a nerdy marketing student LOL

I not put any high expectation on the Sunway Lagoon Pyramid Hotel because I went there for few times before where previously some of my family members came all the way from Singapore to visit me, I bring them stay there. With RM 280 a night you can get Superior Room! They also provide us 21″ TV with satellite etc.

After we “throw” our luggage, all the blogger were instructed to go have our lunch at Mantra.

Whether you’re looking to connect or retreat, Pyramid Tower Hotel is the choice destination for many. Located next to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, it is a 764-room, 4-star hotel offering superior rooms as well as the long-term serviced Pyramid Suites & Studios

The food that served was not really bad. Since I’m not really into Indian cuisines, so I just eat it as long I can full.

“When come to the food, let me share with you guys something. If you willing to pay for sentence amount of money for a great meal, please decide what type of food you want to eat. Not all the buffet is nice. If you want eat Japanese food, please choose a restaurant that offer a Japanese food only and not the mix one. If you want to try some western food, you might to think a french or spanish food.”

The food not really reach my expectation. There have a lot of variety food from the middle east to Japanese and western as well. The BBQ site is not really a good choice where the lamb and beef a little bit hard and a little bit rubbery. The dessert was not bad but one of my friend told me that he found hair on the marshmallow bowl. Maybe some of the customer hair and not from the staff *positive thinking* When came to Japanese food, I really picky. The sashimi not really fresh but the size of oyster satisfied my stomach. To pay RM78++ for the buffet dinner, I need to think twice.

Right after the dinner, I went to my room to take some stuff and went to starbuck to continue my assignment. I know my day quite boring compare with other blogger who went to Sunway Pyramid right after the dinner and went to watch a live band Hilton Petaling Jaya. Me? I still like usual stuck with cup of starbuck, few can of redbull, 1 laptop and a lot of assingment.

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