If you think 1 layer is enough, you might want to read this blog post.

Recently, there have a lot of cases where some idiot people who really sohai break in few houses around my housing area. Where is the housing area that I mention? It is just 100m away from the Taylor’s Lakeside Campus located at Bandar Sunway PJS7. I am so lucky where I rent a nice room from the nice housemaster. Not only that, I also met new friends a.k.a. my classmate, blogging friend and photography kaki. For those who do not know, PJS 7 is not really a safe place. Even my housemaster sms me where he keep remind me to lock my house.

Today, something happened at my house. I went back from lunch with my friend and I saw there have a lot of kids stand outside my house. The first thing come out in my mind is, “crap… someone breaks in my house?” I really scare if something happened. Once I go in, I saw few guys who modified my room. 1 old aunty told me that the housemaster wants to use a key card in order for me to lock the house. Now only I remembered that the housemaster sms me before.

That is how my house looks like. No wonder a lot of kid stand outside my house. Imagine a cheap flat house use a key card system?

Yes! This is how the key card system looks like.
Awesome! I no need to lock my house with normal key d. Just use the key card system should be okay.

The problem is there have few things that come out in my mind.

1: There were already a few black out cases in my housing area. The key card system requires an electric and without electric, it is still can function but only for few hours.
2: Does the key card system really safe?
3: What will happen if there have a short circuit?
4: What happen if I forget to bring my key card?

Now, I can make sure my house safe by using 4 layer of protection!
4 type of protection.

How many layer of protection you use when you go out?

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