Where all the My Selangor Story blogger went on the 3rd day?

Here you go!

(Genting – Kanching Waterfall – Dorani Homestay Sabak Bernam Sungai Besar)

I still remember last time when I went to Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian at Genting, that is my last time I went to Genting. I really love Genting!

I wish I could stay longer with the VVIP treatment. Cool huh? Even though I would not receive any VVIP treatment anymore *puppy eyes* but I definitely will come back again to the Genting since it is one of the best hospitality in Malaysia from their service, entertainment and of course the food.

I just had a nap for 1hour and wake up around 6.30am to grab my breakfast. I really lucky because I can had my breakfast at nice cafe, comfort sofa, etc… Since all the bloggers receive a VVIP treatment, all of us had our breakfast at World Club Lounge located at 28th floor rather than First World cafe. The foods was awesome and really make me fatter and fatter and fatter… Too full XP

The breakfast that provided is really awesome. The combination of asian and western food is really good. I believe a lot people satisfy with their food so do I. There have something interesting happened when Wen Yi try to take the pancake and she accidentally make the wax holder with fire jumped out of it’s place. Lucky my jie jie only suffered some minor burns on her leg. Unfortunately, Kak Ning shirt have hole because of the fire LOL


Right after the breakfast, all the bloggers gather at the lobby and heading to our next stop.From city to village, from cold to hot and from jungle concrete to eco environment, that is where we are heading. Before that, it is not complete if we do not visit the place where the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong had a dream to build a Temple at that cave.

It is fully funded by Genting Berhad, even last time during the Genting Berhad founder, Lim Goh Tong’s 90th birthday, they donated RM 10 million or USD 2.5 million to the temple. People can access the temple by shuttle buses from Genting Highlands Resort or by taking the Awana Skyway cable car to the Temple Station down the hill.

Compare with other temple that I went before, this one is better because it is really cold. It is hard to get a good shot because the time when all of us went there, the weather is not really nice. Too cloudy.

To be honest, I really like to go Church, Temple & Mosque to snap photo. I really hope I have time to have a proper panorama photoshooting.

What else blogger love to do?

Finally, I can kick Nicole XP


It is not a good idea when you need to sit for almost 1hours inside the bus without any entertainment. So guys, please ready yourself with any mp3 or iPod. Since I do not want make my “jie jie” lonely, so I force myself to chat with her *hide behind big stone* Let me tell you guys something, she like to hit & punch people XP

Finally, all of us reach Kanching Waterfalls where it is located at Rawang, Selangor!

All of us reach there around lunch time where at the same time, my stomach gave me hint. Lunch time! Where else can be the perfect lunch when all of the blogger had their KFC at waterfall? Yes! All of the blogger had fun at Kanching Waterfall. Actually I plan to go swim but since my leg injured, I just go around snapping photo. Lucky I wore Crocband Flip where it is really anti – slippery.

The entire road that I went through is slippery. I think the last time I went to waterfall is… errr I also forgot. For your info, I just knew that in Selangor there have a nice waterfall. I will definitely come back again and not forget to bring food, BBQ tools for picnic. So, who want join me?

Kanching Waterfall serves as a refreshingly great picnic spot. One can enjoy a number of activities right from photography, swimming and the likes. The environment really amazing and the waterfall is beautiful and at the same time make me almost forgot about my lunch. The moment I turn back, there is only left few bloggers where the rest of them went for lunch.
This forest reserve offers different levels of waterfalls and lush jungle greenery that abounds with butterflies and plant life. A good place to introduce children to nature. Camp out if you like. Facilities available include bathrooms, toilets and canteens, as well as wading pools for children.

I know where your eyes look at… LOL
Let me warn you guys first. The monkey is really friendly. I mean it is really really friendly LOL
On my way back, my friend really accompany me walk back to meet up with the rest of the bloggers. Who? Of course that cute and naughty monkeys XD

There have few funny incidents during our lunch where a lot of monkey really violent and steal our food. Coke, bread, chicken etc. Since everyone so excited to go homestay, we all quickly went back to the bus and continue our journey to homestay.

Tradition ^^


The journey that took almost 2hours gave some of the bloggers to take nap and also some of them writing the draft blog post like what I am doing right now. Other than that, I become my “jie jie” punching bag LOL

I still remember the last time where I went to Homestay, it is located at Malacca. My previous Malacca homestay are really amazing. You can visit my previous post about my experience at Malacca Homestay, HERE!

The moment we reach, we were greet by the sound of “kompangs” and some “bunga manggar” decoration. Kompang is a traditional musical instrument for the people of the most popular Malay . The skin is usually made of leather goats. Bunga manggar is an ornamental flower manggar where it is important gatherings of those Malays in Malaysia, such as weddings and other. Manggar flowers made of colorful glossy paper considered adding to the festive ceremony is and ignore the views of the background function.

The bloggers not only entertain by the “Kuda Kepang” perfomance but also the bloggers manage to learn how to dance/play Kuda Kepang. Kuda Kepang game is a dancing warrior horsemen from Java , Indonesia. It was brought by those who immigrants to Malaya. The game is often played at weddings or at gatherings.

The interesting part that catch my attention is during the “Barongan” performance. At first I thought it is a ghost performance and I was tweet it but Amelia replied my tweet and told me that it is a Barongan perfomance. Barongan is like Kuda kepang dance, Barongan has strong elements of trance and totemic worship. The Barongan is said to depict the dance of a hybrid (or mystical multifaceted) creature of diverse origins. There are varieties of Barongan, one of which combines the features of a tiger and a peacock that were said to dance on the back of the Prophet Solomon.

So, here you go. Our foster parents ^^

How my foster parent house looks like? I like it! Since I really do not like to stay at “kampung-style-house” and I lucky once again where this time I get to stay at modern look kampung house. Same goes to my previous foster parent house.


All the bloggers require to meet up at the main meeting point where all of us will heading to watch fireflies sharp 8pm. To be a Malaysian, some of us still stick with our “Malaysian time” where some of us are late. Finally after wait for few more minutes all the bloggers heading to next pit stop. The journey took almost 1 hour gave me an opportunity for me to sleep and all of us reach to somewhere that I do not since I just woke up *blur face*. There have local and international where all of them came to watch the firefly. Since I do not know how to swim, I was sit at the same “sampan” with my jie jie in order for her to protect me. Yeah right ^^”

We arrived at the Kampung Kuantan Firefly Park, Kuala Selangor!
For those who do not know, firefly is one of the fascinating beetle that abound in Malaysia. Fortunately, there are still firefly to be seen where it is known as Kampung Kuantan Firefly Park, Kuala Selangor.

There also have another place for you to visit where another place known as Bukit Belimbing and located at the district of Kuala Selangor. The mangrove trees called “berembang trees” by the local grow along the riverbanks of Kuala Selangor river. These are the trees where the fireflies or “kelip kelip” in the local language stay and feed on its leaves. During the day, they retreat to the grasses near the mangrove trees.

After that, all the blogger went to had supper at Satay Hut at Tanjung Karang. Since they famous with their huge satay, all of us decided to eat satay only. They were famous with their chicken. When I spoke with one of the chef why all the satay that they serve is chicken, he told me that “oh… because we sell chicken at market” LOL

The meat was tender and the portion for RM0.70 per stick quite worth. I still felt they really awesome when the main attraction of the restaurant is chicken satay. I manage to try the huge size of satay where the only special about is just the size.

I need to say NO to oily food anymore T.T

All the blogger went back right after the supper. On my way back to my foster parent, I almost get into accident. I was ride bike with my foster father and the MyVi who came really fast and almost hit us.

I really felt that the homestay is like my own house because I spend my time with my laptop in front the television and I slept in front of it and the television + light + fan still on. Now I know why my father always angry with me back than when I stay at Singapore… because of the electric bill LOL

What other blogger experience during the 3rd day of my Selangor story?

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I will be going to The Curve to watch The Switch tonight.

See you later!