My Selangor Story has create another chapter in my life where I have another blogger family which I can call them #mss blogger ^^ Sorry for the super delay post where this month I really busy with assignment and exam that coming soon.

Most of the reader know what is going on during day 2 of My Selangor Story. Something different that I would like to share to those who want to know what YB. Elizabeth Wong (EXCO for Tourism Consumer Affairs and Environment Selangor State Government) and Dato’ Anthony K.S. Yeo (Senior Vice President Public Relations & Communications Genting Berhad) think about social network, read the full story of my 2nd day during My Selangor Story. I know this post a little bit heavy since there have 27 photos but wait and it is really worth.

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(Carlton Holiday – Royal Selangor – Genting)

One of the activity and attraction place that all of us went is Genting. It is cool right where all of the blogger receive VVIP treatment from the Genting management? Before that, all of the blogger receive their certificate for our short course.

Here we are!
Royal Selangor School of Hard Rock!

It is freaking cold when I just wore short thin pants that normally I wear for tennis training + Crocband Flip and of course a nike sport and thin shirt as well. Can imagine how many time I went to toilet in 1 hour? LOL.

All the bloggers had their breakfast at Carlton Holiday before all of us went to Royal Selangor. Since Royal Selangor is our official souvenir shop, I can “smell” something that all the blogger can bring back. All the blogger departed from Carlton Holiday Hotel in Shah Alam to Setapak where Royal Selangor Pewter is situated.

The moment I heard Royal Selangor, I really excited to know more about it. I heard before about Hard Knock short course where you can get your certificate and of course can bring back “bowl” with your name written there as souvenir. Once we reach there, all the blogger receive warm welcome by friendly Royal Selangor staff who bring us around and inform us about the Royal Selangor. All the blogger have an opportunity to experience how to make our own “bowl” and bring it back as the souvenir.

Yong Koon is mastermind behind what you can see at the Royal Selangor Pewter. For those who do not know, Royal Selangor Pewter turns 125 years old this year. Some people might ask what is the pewter actually? Pewter is a combination between tin, copper and antimony. All the blogger have an opportunity to drink 100 plus from the pewter mugs. I drank 2 cup since I would like to taste the difference between 100 plus in the pewter mugs and the normal cup but amazingly the taste is better.

Can you guys see all the gigantic mold hand prints replica? Actually all of it is hand prints of Royal Selangor craftsmen for who work more than 5 years

If u’ve been wondering , what does 玉和足錫 means ?
玉 = JADE
足 = PURE
錫 = Tin

The next part where all of the blogger went is their work place.

The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre is a 20 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, if you are making your own way here. Alternatively, this is a popular destination on the local tours which you can book through your hotel concierge. Do ensure that this destination is specified in the tour itinerary.

By taxi
Taxis are easily available from any part of the city.

By Light Rapid Transit
Take the PUTRA LRT, alight at Wangsa Maju station and hop into a taxi to take you to the Visitor Centre.

Guest Parking
Free parking, Ample parking space for car, and up to 15 parking bays for coach buses.

For those who do not know, School of Hard Knocks offer a group activity where you need to book in advance. They only receive 5 participants (minimum) and 50 participants (maximum). It is only RM50 per person. Contact no?(6)03 4145 6000 or head over to Royal Selangor.

All the blogger who take the School of Hard Knocks short course, we were Supplied with a piece of pewter sheet, a wooden hammer, type blocks and a mold. The best part is all of us need to knock, knock and knock.

So, who is the Datin Paduka Chen Mun Kuen? She is the person who responsibility for her family business where it is passed down by her grandfather. She came all the way to meet us and tell us about the history of the Melon Teapot. At first, I’m not really bother to know about the history. The interesting part about the history started when she mention that the normal Melon Teapot save a man’s life. It is all happened during the world war 2. More info? Visit the Royal Selangor XP

Right after all the blogger complete their “bowl” all of us we were treated to light desserts served at the Royal Selangor Visitor’s Center Café. It is mean nom nom nom


Next, all the blogger went to Genting!

What else the VVIP treatment all of us not receive from the Genting management? I think the only one is just there didn’t provide a red carpet to welcome us. Actually all of us was a little bit late and YB Elizabeth Wong and Dato Anthony Yeo was waiting us. Cool huh? The VIP wait for the bloggers XD

I was one of the lucky blogger who have an opportunity to sit next to YB Elizabeth Wong (Executive councilor for Tourism, Environment and Consumer Affairs in the Selangor State Government) and Dato’ Anthony Yeo (Senior Vice President of Public Relations of Genting World Bhd).

To be half of Singaporean and Malaysian, this is where my “kiasuness” begin. I control myself to look on the food and I took this an opportunity to ask them few question and ask about their opinion regarding social network in Malaysia.

Overall, YB Elizabeth Yong surprise with what social network can do. Nowadays most of the people are more towards internet and computer. To receive and information and send the information to other people, social network is a best place to do all of that. She really support the social network and believe that Social network can bring a lot of good things in order to create an awareness. She believe that to be part of social network is really amazing especially those who are provide a good information to public. From the latest news to personal thought it is really amazing when the youngster especially use a social network as a platform. She really support all the blogger to deliver the true story to public in order to open a lot people eyes.

For Dato’ Anthony K.S. Yeo, he look a blogger from another view point. He believe that social network really worldwide. He call all of the My Selangor Story blogger as an ambassador for the Selangor Tourism. He also highlight that what the social network can do is really amazing. The twitter, facebook and blogger user, they really contribute a lot to the government.
I really support the statement that he mention during his speech where the My Selangor Story blogger is not contestant but we are the ambassador who represent Selangor Tourism.

For those who do not know, First World Hotel is the largest hotel in the world and it is even listed in the World Book of Record and should I repeat it again? World Book of Record and NOT Malaysia Book of Record! All the bloggers not only receive a VVIP treatment from the Genting management except the red carpet ^^

At first I thought that I need to wait for check in but guess what? All the bloggers have our own special check in. Damn fast and no need to wait. Since Genting is the official resort and known as heaven for those who are love theme park either indoor or outdoor all the blogger really had fun at Genting Theme Park. Not only that, all of the blogger receive RM200 worth point where all of us can redeem it at Genting either shopping, eat, watch movie etc.. We are the first batch who able to take photo and sit at the first row to watch Dazzle performance. The performance was awesome and really worth to watch it. I will definitely come back again and had the second one if they still have it or other performance that they have perhaps.

There have a visitor gallery where guest can know more history of Genting. Did you know what is Genting looks like back in the 90’s? Hmmm.. you should check it out their gallery. Really interesting.

Note: This room is reserve only for me and I every each of the blogger receive their own room!
Get ur room now!

What else the blogger receive? All Park Access!
RM 100 Worth of Holiday Card + 10,000 Worth of worldcard points = RM200 can be use!

I not play all the games since I not really into games that need me to be on the high place LOL. I would like to thanks to TV Selangor who also joined us and let me play2 into their video camera XD

Since it is rain we only manage to go to theme park by 6pm. When the theme park closed at 7pm, all of us went to the top of the hill in order to grab some photo and after 20 minute it is start rain back. All of us grab some dinner early since the bloggers need to meet up at The Pavilion by 8.45pm for the Dazzle show (not pavilion bukit bintang ya XP)

I jump liao XP

What else the bloggers best at???

I love this shot!


Dazzle in the house yo!

Dazzle? What is that?

Dazzle is a showcase of class acts from all over the world packed into an hour-long spectacle. The showcase is almost 1hour and I do not feel 1hour at all. The showcase damn nice and funny as well. Not to mention that it is really awesome! I wish I watch it with my family but hey… I watch it with blogger family XP

The showcase featuring Ernesto Planas – the award-winning magician from Cuba, hand shadow master Sonny Fontana, Duo Presto – the quick change illusion act, the Statue of Jerome Murat from France and many more acts.

At first we were allowed 15 minutes to snap but Mr. Philip allowed us to take throughout the show except for a few shows like Statue of Jerome Murat, The Invincible Man & Hand Shadow.

Casts for the shows:

Ernesto Planas – Magician (from Cuba)
Cuban born, living in Italy for over a decade now, Ernesto Planas had a bright career in Cuba, a career which is shining once again now that he has taken up magic once again. Ernesto has received numerous awards in the past years, continues to receive praise from Domenico Dante and other well known magic personalities and has just wowed Europe with his all new parasol act. This is a performance that must be seen to be believed!

Sonny Fontana – Hand Shadow (from Venezuela)
The art of hand shadows is, possibly, one of the oldest and simplest forms of entertainment in the world. Delighting audiences from all over the world, Sonny Fontana is ready to amaze the audience here with his skillful, unique hand shadow acts!

Duo Presto – Quick Change Act (from Brazil and Ukraine)
Duo Presto is an exciting, super charged act who has been thrilling and delighting audiences since 2007. Performing in many countries like Mexico, Brazil, Italy and others, they dazzle the audiences with an eye blink Quick Change illusion. Drawing on their thoroughbred showbiz background, Duo Presto has created one of the most visually dynamic, musically diverse, and thoroughly entertaining Quick Change act on stage today.

Statue of Jerome Murat (from France)
The Statue of Jerome Murat was trained as a mime by Ivan Bacciochi, teacher at Marcel Marceau’s school. To pay for his training, he performed a few mime tricks in the streets and realizes how much the audience is fascinated by the immobility of a statue. So that while admiring a statue in a museum, he imagined that it starts to live… The idea of a living statue was born. Immediately, the act is successful and The Statue of Jérôme Murat is booked to appear in numerous TV shows : “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde” / France – “Noche de Fiesta / Spain – Portugal, Italy and so on. He takes parts in prestigious galas and famous theaters and cabarets such as the “Crazy Horse in Monte Carlo”. He won the Golden Stick at the Monte Carlo Magic Stars in 2000. He now has a great and promising career in front of him. Once a statue is moving no one can to stop it!

14 Dancers (from Ukraine & Belarus)
Features well choreographed dance numbers by dancers from Ukraine & Belarus


Last but not least, thanks once again to Resorts World Genting support, Tourism Selangor, MySelangorStory and Amelia.

I learn something during the trip where it is not about the competition or win the contest but to share our moment. Some of the blogger has update their blog. So, check it out other blogger who share their experience on the 1st day: