I have been driving a Honda City for almost 3 years and it was the first Honda City model. So far I would say it never let me down. Since I’m the “speeding” driver, the pick up kinda annoys me. Well, maybe that’s the reason why it more into the family car. Actually, my 1st plan was to own Honda accord or Honda Civic Type R. Unfortunately, it’s not in my budget list. Looking at the new Honda City shape, it reminds me to Hyundai Elantra since I really love the Hyundai Elantra shape. Sharp and curvy. 
My friend had Kia Forte before and I really like the function that they do have in their car. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too much since I just love something simple but not too simple 😉

The one that I like most is start button function and lucky the new Honda city they have it. Not to mention the lovely display screen too. Since I always travel from north to south (production company & wedding company) I do like the new system that they applied, “Econ”.

The ECON button modifies various vehicle systems to improve your Honda’s overall energy use, improving your fuel efficiency. Better fuel economy is achieved in a number of ways, depending on the vehicle’s transmission and drivetrain. The ECON button modifies the following vehicle systems:

– Control of the engine
– Efficient gear changes for CVT Auto and Automatic transmissions
– IMA assist and regenerative braking for IMA vehicles
– Air conditioning
– Cruise control

Other than that, the new Honda City seems like do have big capacity in the passenger area. Whenever I do have outstation assignment, I need to bring my staff along. One of the main issues is a battery charger. Seems that the new Honda City is not only having additional air conditioner for the passenger at the back but also extra charger slot.

I’m not really remembering how much do exactly pay for my car, but what I remember after all the tax it cost me around 100K. However, this new Honda City prices start from RM75,800 for the S and RM78,800 for the S+, rising to RM83,800 for the Grade E. The range topping V is priced at RM90,800. There are two add-on packages – a RM3,200 Modulo Package (body kit, side skirts, boot spoiler, door visor) and a RM1,700 Premium Package (foot lights, sports pedal, side step illumination, trunk tray, trunk organizer).

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