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When talk about convenience, Bluetooth is system is one of the alternative methods. As a photographer and entrepreneur on the go, I need something light and easy. I always received a call when I’m driving and to reject or not answering their call might be my loss. Especially when we talk about running a business.

Online shopping is one of the easier way and at the same time it helps me to save my time. Imaging with one single click I can get the item I want and I can avoid the heavy traffic jam. I came across to this website: http://bit.ly/14iMPtv and guess what? I saw this cute little toy! Original Jabra Bluetooth Easy Go sell for only RM96.

Without waste my time, I placed my order and good things is I can choose to post delivery or self pick up.

The reason why I need this badly is really simple. For those who don’t know, I have more than 10 summoned because I’m using a mobile phone while driving. So, with less than RM100, I can save a lot  in future 🙂

P/S: I also saw a cute Toy selling in http://bit.ly/14OWA91 Would definitely buy it for my Niece  #eBaySEA

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  • caleb choo on 8 August 2014 at 7:29 pm Reply

    the best quality of bluetooth headset that i have used before is Jawbone ERA and Jaybird Bluebuds X. Both comes with 1 year warranty. The Jaybird have lifetime warranty against sweat. Coz in malaysia the weather is hot and humid so that is useful. Comes with 8 hour battery HD and cool features. Is a bit pricey but it will definitely last. More info at http://www.tonidotech.com

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