Heading to Kota Bahru Kelantan for Wedding Photoshoot


Rushing like mad. Just finish class and need to rush go Kota Bahru Kelantan for wedding photoshoot until Sunday.
My previous visit to Kelantan is 10 years ago.. hmmm =)
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Bought Sani Bus Express from Hentian Putra that gonna make me stuck in the bus for 8hours journey. Since I have class until 6pm and all the last flight ticket to Kota Bahru Kelantan finish at 7pm today, I need to go by bus. Bus ticket from KL 9.30pm and estimate time arrival to Kelantan is 5.30am!
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FUR Layout Plan 20
So, guess what? This is how my studio looks like =)
For me, it is not how expensive props that you have in studio but how comfortable it is also important. Furnished with air-conditioners and comfortable furniture to create a cozy environment, the studio is also available to be rented. Prices are reasonable and competitive.
– 2 x 400W Studio light set.
– 2 x 300W Studio light set.
– 2 x 40″ umbrella diffuser.
– 1 x Octabox (40cm x 140cm)
– 3 x Wireless trigger/Receiver set
– 2 x Standard softbox (60cm x 90cm).
– 1 x Colour gel set + Snoot + Honey comb.
– 2 x Strip softbox (40cm x 140cm) with grid.
– 2 x Giant Background Reflector (180cm x 112cm)
– 2 x Colour gel set + Reflector bowl + Honey comb
– 1 x Softbox for external flash (40cm x 40cm).
– 1 x Industrial fan.
– 1 x Manfrotto camera tripod.
– 1 x Manfrotto camera monopod.
– 1 x Grey backdrop (10″ x 20″).
– 1 x Black backdrop (10″ x 20″).
– 1 x Green backdrop (10″ x 20″).
– 1 x White color backdrop (10″x20″).
– 1 x Library backdrop for graduation (10″ x 20″).

Floor Plan 20

Size of the studio:
– 7500 mm x 12010 mm
– 24.6″ x 39.4″
General facilities:
– Meeting room.
– Refrigerator.
– Make up area
– Chilling spot.
– Changing room.
– Fully air conditioned.
– Kids photoshoot theme.
Interested to be a member?
– RM100 per year.
– Free T-Shirt (limited).
– Discounted for studio rent.
– Discounted for monthly activity.
– Not for a commercial purposes.
– Email us at info@creativevstudio.com
Location Jpeg

No 15C, Jalan Kenari 22,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

– 3rd floor,
– Behind Pizza Hut,
– Facing Main Street,
– Bandar Puchong Jaya,
– Across from Binary College,
– 1st floor is Silverstone workshop,
– Walking distance to Puchong Boulevard.

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