The Lulla Crowne Giveaway by Advertlets


I kind of miss to hang out with bunch of my blogger friends to go yum cha and watch movie together. Since my final exam will end by end of this month, I gonna be free for the whole July!

Guess what? Thanks to Advertlets and Nusantara Edaran Filem who give away free movie passes. Not only one but two movie screening! Means that it is gonna be four ticket! WHOA!

Before I talk about the movie, I gonna answer their question…
“If you could get away with it, what is the one thing you would have done differently in highschool?”

I would want to avoiding social media and photography. Why? I would want to focus on my study and family business because I do not want stuck in Malaysia =)

Lulla Man

Cathay Cineplex e@Curve

19th of July at 9.30pm

This movie about 3 married men who go through tremendous lengths to hide their night activities with other women so that their wives don’t find out. However, the wives discover this and team up to seek revenge. This Thai blockbuster is absolutely hilarious from start to finish. If you’re not familiar with Thai comedies, think 80’s and early 90’s Stephen Chow.

Larry Crowne

Cathay Cineplex e@Curve

13th of July at 9.30pm

Larry Crown: Starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, it’s a story of a middle-aged store clerk who is fired. Drowning in debt and no direction, he now feels like its time for a change. Soon, he falls for his speech instructor. Larry Crowne is a witty comedy about life’s surprises and new beginnings.

For more info, HERE!

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