Rich People Think Money is Everything?


I believe that you guys do not know that I had a bad impression towards rich people. It is not because of I am stereotyping but the way they act. Yes, I’m not saying about all the rich people but some of them.

Last time I had bad impression but it is slowly disappearing from my mind but yesterday, the feeling suddenly resurface again. I went to the gym early in the morning and drop by to 7 eleven to buy some stuff. I saw there an empty parking slot so I drove my car in. I admit that I drove quite fast and once I reach into parking space, I saw 1 aunty try to push 1 uncle who sat on a wheelchair and there were 2 boys who were standing beside them. I went out and offered myself to help her push her husband since I saw she had a problem in pushing the wheelchair due to the stairs. Once I was done, they thanked to me. I am glad that I manage to help someone in early morning at least it start my day.

But… The aunty gave me some cash and I told her I do it sincerely. She refused my gesture of rejecting her offer. I just wonder why some people think that money is everything? Yes, we need money but money is not everything. I just have a suggestion to them. Why not hire a driver since they are driving an Estima?

I just wish that one day I do not meet someone that I like who are from rich & arrogant family. God bless me please.

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  • firdaus on 18 April 2011 at 3:26 am Reply

    Hi Feeq!

    Yeah, I know sometimes some people think money is a way to solve things and especially when they are rude about it, as if they're so high up in the sky and we are beggars shining their shoes..

    But in your description, I do think that maybe she's just trying to be nice.. Coz these days, not many young boys would help the elderly. They'd just walk by and don't even care to assist. How many times we see young vigorous boys walking by (and sometimes scolding) blind man crossing the road in KL? I don't know about you Feeq, but I've seen something like that happen a few times.. So when a boy like you do come and help, she probably felt that the cash might help you in a way – get something to eat later or whatever – since it's obvious you're young and must be a student..

    As long as the people who offers cash when we offer help is not rude and are grateful of what we did, I think it's a win-win situation, don't you think? 🙂

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