K-Pop Culture at Taylor’s


Nowadays, K-Pop have their own fan. I had cover few Korean concert where previously they came to Malaysia. Normally when I went there, most of their fan really energetic. I really admire them who have a lot of energy to shout from the starting of the concert until the end. Does they understand Korean language? I take it as they understand since they can sing too or it is just because they memorize the lyric? I do not know, you tell me.

Actually I do not have any idea what is the event about. Thanks to JonYKT for the invitation. Since I try to find excused for myself in order for me to avoid few event that I need to attend, so I go for this event. It is only 5minute walk from my house and at least I can have more time for myself to study.

I do not know what is the itinerary since nobody inform me what is going on. The event kick of by the president gave a speech. The emcee quite good and manage to handle the crowd. The event started at 10am and I leave at 12noon. Since from 10am-12noon they only show all the K-Pop MV and most of the audience shout and shout and shout. Just name any K-Pop artiste that come out in your mind, they have all of it. SNSD, 2PM, UKiss etc.

I just wondering how they watch the MV at home?

They also have performance from Progression, Epsilson & JSY





Another shot of them!

Visit their blog, HERE!

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  • Angelyna Chai on 31 October 2010 at 3:43 pm Reply

    hi, I am the president of k-generation club in taylors univeristy, i will send you a proper press release once we get done everything, so that you could understand what is going on perhaps..haha.. anyway, thanks for cover our event, and actually, yesterday you guys have a vip lunch set prepared by the street food cafe>.< unfortunetely you guys leave at 12 pm…thanks again!

  • firdaus on 31 October 2010 at 3:47 pm Reply

    haha u should tell me early ma.. if not, I wont go makan at sunway pyramid XD

    Thanks for the invitation as well ^^

    Awesome event!

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