The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie Review


First of all I would like to thanks to Advertlets for the invitation to media screening for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice which is 3day’s earlier than the actual screening. This time, I won’t spoil your mood since I won’t put any synopsis that might be the spoilers!

At first, I thought this movie will be something about a wizard + their apprentice. You know… in the lab learn all the magic spell etc. It’s a little bit different which is physic was involved. For example, when they want to burn something use a magic, they will use a physic theory such as what the fire made from, how can make all the molecule burn etc.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice has great effects, two solid performances by Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina. Jay Baruchel save the movie as well which is more specifically, his geeky physics student character, Dave sometimes make the audience laugh. He is the chosen one, the greatest mage to never grow out a waist- length beard.

Centuries ago when Merlin was betrayed by his apprentice Morgana he told Balthazar he would one day find a young man, a descendant of Merlin himself, who would have the power to defeat her forever. When young Dave Stutler wanders into his magic shop, Balthazar seems to have found his man. Boy. Whatever. Unfortunately, Dave also unleashes Balthazar’s archenemy Horvath from the Russian nesting doll he’d been trapped in.

Balthazar proposes the intriguing theory that magic is simply science. Sorcerers, unlike average humans, use all their brain power. That’s why Dave’s so good at physics.

For me, this if you are looking for the magic which is not 100% “magic”, this is the movie that you waiting for. Magic + physic!
Overall I rate this movie 6/10

Nicolas Cage as Balthazar Blake
Jay Baruchel as Dave Stutler
Alfred Molina as Maxim Hovarth
Teresa Palmer as Becky
Toby Kebbell as Drake Stone
Monica Bellucci as Veronica
Ethan Peck as Andre
Alice Krige as Morgana

Balthazar proposes the intriguing theory that magic is simply science. Sorcerers, unlike average humans, use all their brain power. That’s why Dave’s so good at physics.

Who is Dave? he more of a physics whiz. A ordinary guy who nerdy, not handsome & famous in school. That what is normally we can expect from this type of movie. Same goes to Harry Porter which is in the normal life he not famous where just a noob guy compare with his magic world. Dave, struggles with his project involving Tesla coils and a physics nerd, trying to get a handle on wizardry, simply does not need to fall all over himself over a girl

The reason Balthazar Blake lived 1,000 years is because the Merlinian must be found in order to destroy the evil Morgana, who has been trapped inside a nesting doll since she killed the great sorcerer and the only one who can rid the world of her once and for all is, Dave. That can not be encouraging to mankind.

Unfortunately, the concept, like the film’s more compelling characters, isn’t fully fleshed out. Or you could say that the filmmakers didn’t use all of the film’s entertainment power. It rushes past it like many other potentially captivating details of this Disney adventure, resulting in a family-appropriate fantasy film that’s mostly enjoyable, but not exactly magical.

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