This is second time I went to play Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid. So today, I & my housemates went to sunway pyramid for play ice skating. But we sunway pyramid around 2pm++ and we decide to have our snack at J. Co first. For starting quite good and nice. Then we all went to survey my new Vaio… I think wan to grab my new baby around next semester. Then only we play from 4pm – 6pm because my housemate friends waiting us for have dinner at Full House.

Some action before enter to Ice Skating me & Chris.

The normal scenario that you can saw during play ice skating…especially couple holds hand and learn to skate together. Some picture for you all. Actually you not allowed to snap photo inside the ice skating because dangerous…but…haiz…hantam la.hehe

Then I & my housemate went to Kelana Jaya to have our dinner with 3 more Chooi Yee friend. But at the end we lost for almost 30min for searching FullHouse Restaurant that located at Ara Damansara. Once we reach there, I straight went to the restaurant. After we ate around 11pm++, we went go looking around NZX Comercial Centre a while before we went back. That have some picture for you all….cheers…

Some of the attraction at Ara Damansara:

Most of their attraction based on the Walt Disney…

Some shop that worth for snack shopping.

Lastly… me & my housemate friends post…

We all had a wonderful moment on that day.

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