I receive a call from Taylor Lakeside Campus where they told me today is the orientation day but I forgot to ask what time. So, I woke up late and went to the 1st day of orientation around 9.30am. I register myself and enjoy the boring orientation FML!

Back then when I was in Nilai UC, I’m one of the senior student counselor who organize all the orientation program. Now I felt what is the new students felt during the orientation. At least last time we had a lot of games for new students wei… This one all speech, speech and speech.

I thought of don’t want bring my DSLR and for the sake of blog post, I was asked around for me to borrow the compact digital camera. Let me tell you, in Taylor if you bring the DSLR people will call you blogger haha LOL. Unfortunately, I need bring my DSLR because there no choice. nobody want borrow me their small camera.

It’s happened to me where after I register, a group of senior students if I’m not mistaken came to me and said that “hey, are you a blogger? Do you will blog about today orientation?” Then I asked the girls how they know I’m blogger… They said that… “oh… I saw your Canon DSLR” LOL

Same things happen also when 2 guys and 1 girl came to me and ask me if I’m a blogger. When I said yes and how they know, they said that “Oh no wonder you looks familiar + your camera” Other than that, a group of students talk behind me and said “eh, it’s that fisheye lens?” And another friend in their group said… “Oh, he the one always camwhor with fisheye. Normally blog & upload in FB”

The 1st place that our “tourist guide” bring us is… Student Council Room + Student activity room! I was busy twittering + twitpic all the time…hehe I be the tailor Lakeside campus tour guide through twitter LOL!

Then we went to Library and change out “tourist guide” awhile XP

So, most of the students was concentrate with the explanation and ya.. I still snapping around + twittering… Suddenly in the mood of twittering.

We also went to the business & law office that located at 7 or 9 floor. I forget ^^”
The wind damn nice… Very cooling!

Next station? like other trip, went to few place. The important things is their natural calling place… Some floor only allocate the toilet for male only an some is female only LOL

The only place I thought of jump shot picture that suitable to take. hehe I also don’t know where it is. Somewhere that you can see the car park area an also sports centre from the open place and higher place. Anybody know? Can tell me?

We done with our “journey” and now on the way back to MPH for the photo session!

All of them from school of hospitality an they wait for their uniform!

yes, we need take our photo for the ID XP

Before I went back, went to behind MPH for the ID photo session. Yes! It’s important for me because I never have nice photo on the card. IC or License or even my previous college ID LOL! I don’t know that they use flash. Right after she said 1,2 & 3, I stand up and suddenly the flash cam out and everyone laugh FML! Then take few more shot XP

After the ID photo taken, went to student central to get my shirt and PTPTN guideline.
Tomorrow another boring day for the orientation LOL!