Nowadays, a lot of people need a camera. Not only for work purpose but also for their personal use. I have DSLR and sometime I felt it is a little bit bulky. I need a camera that can produce a good photo and of course the size that not to huge so that I can put it in my pocket.

Macro mode. I manage to try on my flower this morning. Sometime I felt a little bit troublesome for me to carry my DSLR. Since I have Nokia N8 in my hand for me to play with it, I manage to use their 12MP and one of the features that I like is macro mode.

If you lazy to use photoshop or you like to play with the effect, Nokia N8 also come out with colour tone function. So, you can get 4 different type of colour.

Colour Tone
1: Normal (with flash)
2: Black and White
3: Sepia
4: Vivid

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This is how the back surface looks like.
1: Flash
2: Camera
3: Carl Zeiss Tessar 2.8/28 12MP AF
4: Speaker

One of the good thing about the camera is, it is able to let the user use the auto focus function. In order to do that, the user require to press the shutter button that located at the side of the camera.

This is how the Nokia N8 main camera screen looks like.
1: You can change for the camera or video mode.
2: To change the flash setting.
3: Main setting.

Nokia N8 – Flash
You can control the flash.

Nokia N8 – Settings Screen

Nokia N8 – Scene Mode.
I choose to use macro mode and the detail pop up in order for you to understand how to use the function.

Nokia N8 – Colour Tone


#1 Professional Photo Shoot

#2 Nature photography

#3 Photography Inspiration

#4 Urban Landscapes

#5 Street Photography


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