Candid photography are some of the best photography skills to have. Taking candid photographs creates images that directs the viewer’s attention to the natural expressions and honest emotions of every subject. Your subject does not focus its attention on your camera, rather on the present undertaking.

The goal here is to catch a spontaneous moment. It is very important that you learn some techniques for capturing photos of people in their simple moments without having to use specialized equipment or having to create extensive set ups. You might want to refer to the useful techniques below to improve your candid photography skills that given in this blog post.

Here are 11 very useful techniques to remember if you want to snap unforgettable candid photographs by photography techniques:

1: Carry your camera all the time
Be watchful of the candid situations that you want to capture. They can happen anytime, anywhere, and you will want to be prepared. Make sure you have your camera with you wherever you go so you will not miss a thing.

2: Get to know some candid shot samples
If you want to take the best candid photos, it is important that you get to see a lot of quality samples for your reference. Some examples are two people holding hands at the park, a woman in deep thought while gazing at the beach, or a little girl happily walking barefoot in the sand.

3: Grab every opportunity
You don’t get a second chance to capture a great candid photo. When you get the opportunity to take such photos, do it. Public places are some of the best sources for candid pictures. Although, should there be an instance that people will object, just stop right away.

4: Avoid using complex lighting styles
Refrain from using complex lighting styles when taking candid pictures. It is advisable to use the automatic feature on your camera for this photography technique.

5: Use a faster shutter speed
Setting your camera to ISO 400 is a good idea since it sets its shutter speed to a faster mode. Even when you are moving, it will still allow you to seize some of the best candid photos.

6: Be as unnoticeable as possible
You should take candid photographs while blending in with the background. This will allow you to capture candid moments perfectly since your unnoticeable presence makes it possible for your subjects to act spontaneously and freely.

7: Experiment with shooting at different levels
Try shooting from angles other than at an eye level. You can also position your camera at your waist when taking photos. Practice different techniques, as it takes some time and experience to get precise framing.

8: Maximize the use of your zoom lens
Using your zoom lens makes it possible for you to take candid photos even when you are far from your subject or action. A telephoto lens ideal to use.

9: Never take a picture of someone’s back
It is not impressive to take photos of someone’s back. Coming up with photos of people with their backs facing the camera does not show anything all that exciting to look at.

10: Change the photo to black and white
Changing an existing colored photo to black and white creates a striking impact and strong emotion.

11: Focus on active individuals as subjects
Individuals who are actively engrossed in their work are good photography subjects. A sports player, a farmer, and business people make excellent subjects. Taking a candid photo of a football player making the final score portrays an exhilarating feeling and gives an intense feeling of excitement to the viewers.

Some of the example of candid photos!

*all photos taken by Shutter Blaster*